New story “Small Talk” available for pre-order

My new story, Small Talk: A Novella, is now available on Amazon. Publication date is September 12, 2017.

Happy reading.


Ethan was about to be the drummer for a heavy and famous rock band, now that he was done with college and had bought his first used drum set. That is, once he got in a band, and once he found other musicians who could handle the hard drums he was going to play.

Then he could quit his mindless job at the investment bank, where he sat with middle-aged ladies who talked endlessly about stupid things like their children and wet burritos and who listened all day to Doris Day and Bobby Vinton on the radio.

Ethan was finally going to to be able to live his life the way it was supposed to be lived. There were only a few problems.

The ladies at the bank wanted to give him a promotion so he could work with them forever.

He finally met the woman in the apartment at the end of the hall, the one with the calliope voice, and she wanted him to talk with her.

And…he’d never been in a band or played the drums in his life.

Small Talk is a story about the dark musician in all of us, and how the need for meaning gets in the way of connection with other people.

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