The Stories to Come

Hey, everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to let you know where I am with my various writing projects.

I’ve completed first edits on a novella and it’s now in the hands of beta readers. I expect to publish it in the first half of 2017. Here’s the description.

Ethan is a young man who has everything and nothing. He’s just finished college with a degree in communications and doesn’t know how to talk to anyone. He’s a great drummer who has never practiced and can’t play his new drum set in his apartment. He has his first dreary job handling financial documents for retired people, working in a room full of chattering middle-aged ladies. This is not what Ethan has in mind for his life.

And yet the world is a big place and sometimes it gives even someone like Ethan what he needs. The lessons can be hard, but maybe something good can come from them, especially if the world introduces him to the woman in the apartment at the end of the hall, the one with the calliope voice.

If you’d like to beta read the story, which is about a hundred pages long, send me a message or add a comment to this post.

I am also about halfway through writing the stories for a new collection of very short stories.  (See here, here, here, and parts of this one for more very short stories, as well as a how to book on the subject.)  So far I’ve written a thousand stories and my goal is two thousand before going back and seeing what I’ve got. I’ll keep the best one hundred and seventy or so for the collection.

The writing has been fun. I try to write ten stories a day, not more and not less, and I try not to worry about whether any given story is good or bad. A lot of times I have an idea and I think, even as I’m writing it down, “Mmm. This one ain’t gonna make it.” It’s okay. I still write it down. And once and in a while I’ll get an idea and I think, “Oh, that’s a good one. Definitely a keeper.” I write it down and hope I’ll still like it in a few months when I start the process of selecting the stories for the book. I speak from experience when saying that not all stories that come to me in a flash of giddy genius turn out to be as brilliant the next morning. But some do, and that makes the whole process worth it. It’s agonizing joy to separate the best stories from the not-quite-good-enough ones.

According to my schedule (read: best guess), I’ll be done drafting stories by the end of March. The selection process and other steps will take a few weeks, so I expect to release the collection by the end of spring or early summer.


Happy Reading


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