A Good Year Ahead

I’ve been writing steadily, and I’m hopeful next year will be a good year for publishing.

I just finished a draft of a novel about a middle-aged daughter who goes to live with her mother after the mother breaks her ankle and can’t take care of herself. Things have been difficult between them. It’s been many years since they could communicate, and now they are alone together in the house.

I’m going to put the novel aside for awhile to let it cool. Meanwhile I’m going pick up a novella I drafted a while ago. It’s about a young man trying to get his start in the world. He has a drumset in his apartment that he can’t play, a job be doesn’t care about…and then he meets the young woman in the apartment at the end of the hall who is just learning to play the guitar.

If both projects go well, I should be able to publish them in 2017.

And while that’s going on, I am always writing very short stories. In a few months I’ll have enough for a new collection.

As I say, it’s looking like a good year ahead.

Happy reading.


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