A Very Short Story (Boss)

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Whoever wants it his way more than the other guys want it their way, that’s who’s the boss.

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2 Responses to A Very Short Story (Boss)

  1. Marianna Monaco says:

    These very short stories are interesting to me. They are a jumping off point, they make me want to reply with a haiku. Like call and response.
    Here’s what I feel ….
    your very short story is like a wound-up coil, lots of tension.
    I am trying to pin down the different feel of haiku (still lots of story, but less tension, not so open-ended)

    For example, speaking of bosses, here are a few haiku about my former working life:
    after calling in sick
    I suddenly feel
    so much better

    home from the office
    shoulder pads drooping

    • Charlie Close says:

      Hi, Marianna. I’m very pleased to meet you.

      I’m so glad you noticed the resemblance between very short stories and haiku, and that you are a haiku poet yourself. Your haiku touched on feelings I’ve felt myself.

      I fell in love with haiku several years ago and I couldn’t write these stories the way I do without having spent so much time with haiku. They share a similar tension and simplicity, and both need to make use of poetic techniques – sensory images, metaphors, context, resonance – to fill a small space with as much meaning as possible. The things I love most about haiku are the things I love most about very short stories.

      Which is not to say they are the same. Haiku are meant to capture one moment. Very short stories are meant to capture a moment and also imply a narrative, a before and after. After a while I struggled with haiku because I wanted to use a wider range of contexts to express a more vivid palette of emotions. But I still read haiku regularly and draw on them as one of my creative sources.

      If I may, let me invite you to have a look at my collection of haiku, Sugar on Both Sides: Selected Haiku, found on this page: https://charlieclose.wordpress.com/books/

      And let me close with a recent story which I think of as a haiku rendered in very short story form. It’s got some old pond in it, as so many things do.

      Again, thanks for writing, Marianna. You made my day.


      We stood at the ocean’s edge and clapped with joy as the tide rushed in. We all clapped together.

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