Praise for “Ripcord”

The reviews for Before the Ripcord Broke are starting to come in.

From Jen Nifer on

In general, I am not the biggest fan of short stories. To my surprise I very much enjoyed this book filled with short and very short stories.

Charlie Close again managed to fascinate me with simplicity, humor and, well, weirdness that is so very wonderfully captured within his every-day stories.

And from A.M. Bradley at her book blog Hungover Fiction Lover:

Some may go into this collection of short stories with the mindset that they are nothing special, but they would be wrong – and too quick to judge. I myself was skeptical at first because I’m not a frequent short story reader. Then I stopped being my close minded self and started reading the damn stories. I was trying to be more open minded. It paid off.

It was scary, but refreshing to read that other people understand. The author clearly comprehends that we are all connected in different ways, to various individuals. It is and will forever be the way life works.

Check out the full review at

Thanks so much to Jen and A.M.. I’m grateful for their generous time and attention.

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