British Sketch Comedy Duos

For my American readers who love Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Key & Peele

British television has a long tradition of sketch comedy duos, going back at least as far as Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in the 1960s.

(Sidebar: If you’ve never seen Cook and Moore’s brilliant movie Bedazzled, check it out. Also the fantastic American remake.)

Here are a few of the more recent British duos, all streamable and/or rentable. I’ve been surprised at how my friends and coworkers don’t know them despite how good they are, and how easy to find. So, for your education and amusement, I’ve embedded samples of a few recent duos, to discover and enjoy while you’re waiting for the next season of Key & Peele.


David Mitchell and Robert Webb: That Mitchell and Webb Look


Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie: A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Yes, that Hugh Laurie, before Americans came to know him as House.


Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders: French and Saunders

You might know Jennifer Saunders from Absolutely Fabulous. She also does amazing sketch comedy with Dawn French.

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